The very first time with My Closest Friend 1

Robert moaned. “Ohh. This has been way too long. Damn, that seems good. Keep licking me personally together with your tongue, sweetie. Please your guy. Seriously, run your tongue down the shaft. “

We cupped one hand to his furry balls, carefully kneading them while We dragged my tongue down his cock, that has been completely erect. I quickly place my lips on their cockhead and slid an inches associated with shaft into my lips.

Robert place their on the job my shoulders and offered a push that is slight. “Mmmmm. I would like my girlfriend on her behalf knees. I would like you finding out about at me personally, and telling me personally exactly how much you adore to draw your boyfriend’s cock. “

As of this point we could have done such a thing he asked; it felt so excellent to be pleasing him. We slid from the leather settee, their cock nevertheless in my own lips, and got back at my knees. We slid my lips and tongue up and off their cock. Robert moaned. I seemed up at their wide-open students for an additional, playing their breathing that is heavy then slid my lips back off their cock, letting my tongue slip over the underside regarding the downstroke. We pulled their shorts all of the real way down like this. He lifted their foot and kicked the shorts away.

Robert slid their fingers along my cheeks once more, holding them, after which began to screw my neck, much much deeper and much much much deeper, until my throat relaxed along with his dick pressed most of the way in, their balls pressing my chin. He held it inside, while we wondered in the feel of getting my neck packed with my closest friend’s cock. “Uhhh. UNNHHH. Oh god. I’m so near to cumming in my own sexy gf’s lips. Do not go. I do not wish to cum yet. Have a look at me personally. Check me personally. “

We looked up, their dick bending, and gazed into their brown eyes, them down to my knees while I unzipped my shorts and slid. We began rubbing my stone difficult dick with one hand.

We slid my lips off their shaft, teasing him with my tongue all of the method, as his eyes widened through the try to not cum. We looked up. Our eyes locked. “Truth or dare, ” we whispered.

He nodded, and squeezed their cock against my shut lips. We offered him a lick that is quick the delicate underside of his cockhead, and felt their fingers tense back at my burning cheeks. “Would my boyfriend that is handsome like bang their gf? “

He nodded, grasped my arms, and pulled us to my legs. He then caressed my plump but muscular ass while I slid my foot from the shorts bunched around my ankles. Robert relocated behind me personally, their dick that is hard poking butt cheeks, and began kissing my throat while lightly stroking my cock.

We began breathing greatly. “Mmmm. Rub that difficult cock between my cheeks. “

Robert nibbled on my earlobes, delivering electric flashes up my back, while their cock dry humped between my cheeks. He whispered in my own ear, “Why don’t we go directly to the restroom. I have got some Vaseline here. ” We wandered towards the restroom, Robert’s hand kneading my buns once we went. I possibly couldn’t think just exactly how quick things had relocated. Ended up being i must say i likely to allow my companion bang me personally into the ass? It seemed unreal, like a fantasy.

Within the restroom, Robert put a towel regarding the countertop, after which forced carefully regarding the tiny of my straight back. “Bend within the countertop. Yes, that is a good woman. Oh, you appear so sexy bent over and awaiting your man to bang you. ” We leaned my upper body in the soft, fuzzy white towel and looked over Robert when you look at the mirror while he clicked the synthetic lid off a container of Vaseline and scooped just a little lube out together with his hand.