The hinge is designed to flip the screen flat and fold the device to use it as a tablet.

A tablet for games, or road trips to make it more portable and a laptop for homework or taking notes at school. The Chromebook has so much versatility on its own that adding in the feature that takes away another screen may just keep your child a bit less over saturated on screen time. Not only is it great for school and work, but Dell’s Chromebook 11 also has stereo speakers for listening to music or watching videos. Do not worry if you’re going to damage it, because this device is the strongest Chromebook on our list. Music can be placed on a memory card and most files can be stored in Google Drive, leaving the system storage free of clutter. One quick thing to note, however, keep the system storage as empty as possible. (Though you can find alternatives like online versions from Microsoft to mitigate this inconvenience. ) You also won’t be able to download several common PC games or install Photoshop, for example. But for a kid who won’t need these for many, many years (if ever) this can be the best solution to any need your child could have for an electronic device. In some cases, the 2-in-1 Chromebook tablet can also help your kids to get schoolwork done, but it can give more flexibility of functions and convenience. When talking about the screen size, you can think about the 11-inch one which is good enough for younger kids to use. For this money, the C330 offers a lot of things, including excellent compatibility with Android applications thanks to its MediaTek SoC. In addition, most of its components are better than those commonly found in a Chromebook.

It makes the device lightweight and compact enough to be placed in any bag. The hinge of the Chromebook can rotate 360°, which means you can place the screen in a position of choice. Dell 11 -Intel Celeron 2955U. The updated Dell Chromebook shines from all angles. Imagine everything you might need, then double it. This is what this Chromebook offers.

This is why Chromebooks are increasing in popularity – they offer high-quality performance at budget-friendly prices. The only caveat is figuring out which one to buy. This is one of the few Chromebooks that is made of Gorilla Glass 3. Yet, that won’t put a cramp in the beautiful quad HD display. All of these features come together in an elegant package that’s perfect for business class travelers looking for the best Chromebook. Acer 14, Aluminum, 14-inch Full HD.

All of the Chromebooks on this list are child tested and approved based on opinions and reviews found on the web (and my personal experience – I mean, I’m pretty much a kid when it comes to buying a Chromebook.). Whatever model you can choose, you will not choose badly with one of the models in this list. The hinge is designed to flip the screen flat and fold the device to use it as a tablet. Despite the compact shape, the laptop comes with several essential features such as a USB-C port, an HD webcam, Bluetooth, and WiFi. 13? to 15? Screen Chromebook for Kids. 15? and Larger Screen Chromebook for Kids.

Do I need to create a Google account for my child? The answer is YES. At 2.8 pounds, students won’t have any issues carrying it to and from school. Plus, you have the option of a wide variety of Chromebook apps to help with homework, papers, presentations and more. It is best to go for 12.3, 12.5, or 14-inch screens for better visual quality and portability. Types of ports: Chromebooks can come with slots for USB and HDMI cable as well as a slot for an SD card. You can’t beat the fact that the system boots in seven seconds or less. Moreover, it is 30 percent thinner than its previous iteration, allowing for an easy fit into most kids’ backpacks and carry-ons.