Promotion value.In question, mathematicians are identified in an above-average degree from their mathematical analysis and which have supplied a substantial part of the perform in Austria.

The doctoral plan need to be at the very least two to a maximum of ten years. (Exceedings are feasible in child education hours and demonstrable presence or civil serving instances).The nomination has to be carried out by a * n at the time of nomination in Austria at a university or investigation institution * N habilitated * n mathematicians * in.

The proposal has to be in electronic kind until 14 March in the year in the * Chairman of the ÖMG as well as the following documents incorporated: description and evaluation of scientific efficiency; Publication list; Scientific CV. From the submitted proposals, an assessment committee selects the * the winners * in. The value is ? 1,000, – plus a Honor Medal (It was made in 1982 by rewrite this sentence the artist Peter Hagenauer; The front shows Rudolf Inzinger, the back reminiscent of your founding of your ÖMG) doped. Additionally, the * prize winner * is invited to report at the next ÖMG Congress in a lecture around the study outcomes accomplished.Prize winners who’re not yet a member in the ÖMG is going to be incorporated in the ÖMG and freed in the membership fee for the initial year.A list of previous winners * Inside: Year prize winner * in 2020 Julian Fischer 2019 Christopher Cost-free 2018 Vera Fischer 2017 Michael Eichmair 2016 Aleksey Costo 2015 Christoph Aistleitner 2014 Christoph Haberl 2013 Franz Schuster 2012 Mathias Beglböck 2011 Christof Sparber 2010 Arne Winterhof 2009 Alois Panholzer 2008 Clemens Heuberger 2007 Bernhard Lamel 2006 Friedrich Porklichammer 2005 Josef Teichmann 2004 Michael Kunzinger 2002 Jörg Thuswaldner 2001 Andreas Cap 2000 Norbert Mauser 1999 Gerald Teschl 1998 Otmar Scherzer 1997 Peter Grabner 1996 Michael Drmota Martin Gold star Gerhard Larcher Norbert Seifter Year Prize winner * in 1995 Franz Rendl 1994 Paul Müller 1993 Michael Oberguggenberger 1992 Wolfgang Müller 1991 Christian Buchta 1990 Christian Krattenthaler 1989 Peter Kirschenhofen 1988 Norbert Brunner 1987 Wolfgang Wess 1986 Werner Georg Nowak Anton Wakolbinger 1985 Helmut Prodinger Robert Tichy 1984 Rudolf Tashner 1983 Franz Pehe RStorfer 1982 Johannes Czermak 1981 Johann Linhart Viktor Losert 1980 Johannes Schoisteregeier 1972 Rainer Burkard 1971 Peter Gerl 1970 Hans Lausch 1967 Peter Flor Peter Gruber 1967 Fritz Schweiger Hans Vogler 1959 August Florian 1958 Heinrich Brauner 1956 Wilfried Nöbauer.

Trial price.Prerequisite for the study cost for master theses is actually a conclusion of a master or diploma study on an Austrian university. The prerequisite for the study price for dissertations is either the conclusion from the doctoral studies on an Austrian university or, in the case of a doctoral degree in a foreign university, the existence of a completed master or diploma study at an Austrian university. The nomination must be carried out by a * n at the time of nomination in Austria at a university or research institution * n mathematicians * in.

The proposal must be in electronic type by 14 March with the year at the * chairman on the ÖMG and include the following documents: a copy in the mathematical master thesis or dissertation or dissertation certified as particularly high; two reasoned reviews of this perform; A CV including a short description with the study procedure. From the submitted proposals, the winners will probably be determined by a supporting committee employed by the Management Board with the ÖMG. Every single ÖMG study value is endowed with ? 500, -. Any prize winner * gets a certificate.Prize winners who’re not yet a member of the ÖMG will likely be included in the ÖMG and freed in the membership fee for the initial year.Early Student Award and student meeting.For this networking meeting, great mathematics students are invited for the 1st study years from Vienna, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Klagenfurt in the finish of their fourth study semester. In lectures and interactive system points are shown on attractive levels of “pure” and “applied” analysis, too as non-academic perspectives. Mutual obtaining to know each other and contacts involving students of diverse locations are in the center.The participants to be nominated by the departments might be awarded in the meeting in the Early Student Award and obtain a one-year-old zero cost membership of the Austrian mathematical society.

Students * Indoor value.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Barbara Kaltenbacher Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt University Road 65-67 9020 Klagenfurt Email: writers of these who come for the closer option inside the course of this assessment will likely be invited to a short lecture in which they present their work. These presentations, which also invited the supervising teachers are usually taking place in November. Location and appointment shall be announced separately. Concerning the perform is reported inside the math letter.Subsequently, the award ceremony takes place in the course of a celebration.