LED lamp, a high-tech lighting products, have a long life, no radiation, low energy consumption and so on. Compared with incandescent bulbs, LED lighting more energy efficient, compared with energy-saving lamps, which do not use beyond the degradation of toxic materials such as mercury, and more environmentally friendly read more.

In the lighting market in China, LED Downlights for outdoor application performance is encouraging, many landscapes, traffic signals, advertisement display heavy use, but are ignored in domestic market. Many people do not buy LED lamps because it several times more expensive than the ordinary incandescent lamps, energy saving lamps. In addition, the product varies also reduced the purchase of consumer confidence.

Price is in fact accounts of consumers does not count, that is to use LED lights save electricity, can offset the spotlight lighting and the difference between ordinary incandescent lamps, energy saving lamps. Furthermore, LED lights are also more durable, unlike other lights damaged because the switching times much easier.

Every new product came out, after a run-in period is required to be consumer recognition, this is a general law of new products, LED lamps are no exception. As a rising star in the field of lighting, LED light is very bright. In 2009, the Ministry of science and technology package for “ten cities” semiconductor lighting application and demonstration of the city programme, the first phase of the scheme in the 21 developed city promotion of LED lights, the second 2 million LED lamp installed in 50 cities, annual power savings of 1 billion target.

Today, incandescent bulbs are fading away in the in www.clashroyalehackcheatss.xyz/gems-hack/ the eyes of consumers. According to the national development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments of “incandescent phase out the road map”, with effect from October 1 this year banned the import and sale of more than 100 Watts and incandescent lamps for general lighting, October 1, 2016 banned the import and sale of 15 watt incandescent lamps for general lighting and above. After phase-out incandescent lamps, to be replaced by energy-saving lamps production mercury belong to one of the material degradation of toxic material cannot, is detrimental to the environment, is not optimistic about share here the prospects for its development, more environmentally friendly, energy-saving LED Bulbs Wholesale will become “potential unit”, ushered in the rapid development of the spring.