If you were to watch the news or read in newspaper or magazine, sometimes you are witness to graphic images of poverty in different countries around the world, places where there are absolutely no signs of manifesting abundance anywhere.

In addition, sometime or another, you will read or hear a story or information about a particular country where absolute poverty is quite common. You’ll hear how the large number of people in a particular place are dying of disease and starvation, how they live on less than a dollar a day, how miserable the living conditions are over there, etc, etc.

Contrast this with the Western nations of Europe and of course America where people live in relative comfort, there is an overflow of abundance, and which boast the highest standards of living in the world.

Could it be that the Law of Attraction simply just doesn’t work in certain places?

Could it be that the Law of Attraction works better in some places than others for manifesting abundance?

You would think that was the case, except for the fact that in some of these so called poor countries, there are people who live quite comfortably and in some cases in complete bluestacks clash of clans hack abundance where their standard of living is higher than that of Western nations.

Clearly, these people have been able to use the Law of Attraction for manifesting abundance DESPITE the fact that they live in a poor, Third World country.

A common asphalt 8 airborne cheats misconception is that opportunity only lies in First World countries. Because of this, many people have been misled to believe that is only in “rich” countries that manifesting abundance with the Law of Attraction is possible.

Pure nonsense.

A universal law is a universal law. That means that it works EVERYWHERE, in both rich AND poor countries.

If you want to master manifesting abundance in the most “difficult” of situations, you have to learn not to base your belief in a universal law only on what your eyes see.

What you see in these “poor” countries is actually transient. The reason conditions are the way they are is because of either war or the governments in these countries refusing to pass clash royale cheats online laws that will foster abundance.

In addition, the prevailing mindset of the citizens is based in scarcity so that’s what manifests externally.

If any of these conditions were to change, i.e. their government encouraging prosperity or the people in these countries developing an abundance mindset, things will change on the outside.

The invisible supersedes the visible. If you want to take your ability of manifesting abundance to another level, and be successful with the Law of Attraction is all situations, you need to learn to put your faith in a universal law and not a temporary, physical condition.