It is with great pleasure that I announce my acceptance and partnership with Master Paris Amani and the Nexus Taekwondo Alliance. Thank you for the opportunity of continuous learning and to teach this exciting and evolving art. Through unequaled vision, unequaled purpose and unequaled drive we are called for one goal. Together we will learn and appreciate the uniqueness of our talents and gifts; We will explore what it takes to be a leader, build self-awareness, create a personal vision, accept responsibility for our actions and learn effective decision making which are all part of the martial arts class setting.

As your newest instructor my background extends and focuses on the whole individual, that you as a martial artist have a firm foundation on fitness for life. My areas of study include, Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFFA), International Fitness Association (IFA), International Taekwondo Alliance (ITA), International Taekwondo Association (ITA), United States Bowling Congress Instructor and American Red Cross Instructor just to name a few. I truly believe that failure to prepare is preparation for failure, and as NASA quotes 鈥渇ailure is not an option”. My work began in health and fitness at North Harris College where I served as an adjunct instructor for weight training, aerobics, kick boxing and bowling. It is with the success as a taekwondo artist that has made such an impact on my training styles and has produced countless opportunities throughout the blueprint of my life. Having taught classes within the University Of Houston Down Town gave me the privilege and opportunity to use Taekwondo as a fund raiser for the Special Olympics. I also have ten plus years of working with Team First and Goal and their founder and former corner back of San Francisco 49 niners, Tyrone Smith, which has blessed me to incorporate the discipline and art of taekwondo in summer enrichment camps, facilitating the college preparation experience for youth and countless leadership and character development conferences throughout the Texas region.

It takes one person to make a difference, whether it be in your life or your career, but it all starts with you. Master Paris Amani and my wife Tomika Smith have hinted that I inform the readers that I am a winner. Starting with my achievement of the perfect 300fitness score on the Marine Check our website Corps physical exam, I maintained this accomplishment for 6 consecutive years. I am not only a United States Bowling youth coach, I have been awarded the 300 perfect game ring and the 800 series ring for high achievements. It is my success with titles of Texas Top Ten and World Championships in competitive Sparring and Traditional Forms where I wish to continue to contribute within the development of our youth. My Grandfather Henry Smith Sr. and father Henry Smith Jr. whom are both alive and well as I write, have shown me many different career paths. Both demonstrated that perseverance and integrity speak volume as we dash through life. As I approach this new journey, I have to express how excited I am to join share here the most prestigious organization in the United States of America, Master Paris Amani and Nexus Taekwondo.

Eager to work with you,

Henry Smith III
Taekwondo Instructor
2nd Degree Black Belt