The game includes basic instructions and keeps track of students’ scores. The iCivics website also includes lesson plans on how best to use the game. Although the game doesn’t go into much depth on the subject of civic engagement, it is a useful introduction. Questions are straightforward, and students are given chances to fix incorrect answers.

There are always more civic engagement topics than citizens, so students must read carefully to make proper matches. Students listen to each issue and scroll through the civic-duty anvils until they find a match.

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Students learn how to use civic engagement to navigate society and the governments that affect us, and they discover a number of Minecraft for Windows 10 ways to participate in societal and government processes. Some citizens’ issues, such as military service, are quite easy to match properly, but others, such as community service, require a much closer read. Although this is a very quick game that doesn’t teach subjects in great depth, it’s very useful as an introduction for students who will study the topics further. One citizen is added in each of the game’s rounds, ending with five citizens in round five.