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7 Arguments to RACIAL PROFILING: Could it be an awful idea?

Updated on This summer 13, 2009 AsherKade moreContact Author Top 7 Arguments Against Racial Profiling

Racial Profiling Does not Work

black suspects weren’t any more prone to really have drugs or illegal weapons within their cars than white-colored suspects.

Based on the Public Health Service, roughly 70% of drug users are white-colored, 15% are black, and eightPercent are Latino. However the Department of Justice reports that among individuals imprisoned on drug charges, 26% are white-colored, 45% are black, and 21% are Latino.

Racial Profiling Distracts Police Force Agencies From More Helpful Approaches

Concentrate on suspicious behavior results in more arrests than concentrate on race.

The rise in arrests on suspicious behavior alone is 24%.

Racial Profiling Prevents Police From Serving The Whole Community

The content is distributed towards the community that whites could be more reliable and Blacks and Latinos are noticed as crooks.

Getting an undesirable raporte’ using the community makes stopping crime nearly impossible.

Racial profiling prevents communities from dealing with police force.

This connects using the prior argument.

The city will not come your way and report crime when they know you have a biased and narrow-minded concentrate on others.

Racial profiling sabotages community policing efforts, while offering nothing helpful in exchange.

Racial Profiling is from the 14th Amendment

It’s clearly mentioned within our Metabolic rate that no condition may “deny to the person within its jurisdiction the equal protection from the laws and regulations.”

By searching Latinos ad Blacks more frequently, Whites less frequently, you will find unequal protection from the community.

Racial Profiling will probably escalate into riots and racially-motivated violence

Make reference to Rodney King situation.

By getting a lesser standard of evidence to consider police action against Latinos and Blacks, police brutality and also over-effort of power is greatly increased.

Reports of suspicious deaths involving unarmed Latino and black suspects trickle from our nation’s major metropolitan areas regularly.

Racial Profiling is Morally Wrong

Racial profiling is Jim Crow applied like a police force policy.

It makes a global where Blacks and Latinos are stay in as segregated and 2nd-class citizens.

Bigotry is a side-effect of each and every lengthy-term national struggle the U. s. States has tried. World War 2 on Terror isn’t any exception.

Appears Like The Enemy

From the 19 hijackers who directly instigated the September eleventh attacks, 15 hailed from Saudi Arabia, three in the Uae, and something from Lebanon.

Our reaction? Build simple prejudices. WE included in our laws and regulations additional air travel https://world wide to safeguard Arabs boarding airlines.the extra scrutiny made us safer! (sarcasm aside)

A Harmful and Unconstitutional Approach

Once we racially profiled Middle Easterners, it decreased focus on other passengers. That’s very good news for non-Arabian terrorists!

A Path to Abuse

The most popular anti-Arabian sentiment and racially profiling against them has spread like wildfire across America.

It’s affected individuals who oppose the Iraqi War from entering our country and it has impacted an array of decisions.

Even individuals Arabians testing out for any football team might find themselves discriminated against!

Let Me Know.

Are You Currently a target of Racial Profiling?



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sendingSanxuary 7 several weeks ago

I do not know how anybody could racially profile anybody nowadays. I am unable to tell one aisian from another, one spanish person from another, or anybody of color from another. Its an absurd tatic using todays technology in which you need 50 different languages each day simply to say hi to everybody. Should you commit a criminal offense it doesn’t matter what you are. The large mistake and constant happens when you approve discrimination of another person exactly the same law can use for you later also it usually does.

This is actually the dumbest point constantly made but overlooked by racist. We fought against a global war so we have Natzi’s in the usa. They exist because everyones legal rights are safe. Without having individuals legal rights lots of old veterans might have taken proper care of this problem a lengthy time ago. There’s no law that pertains to just one group and when it will it shouldn’t exist. I question what Hitler might have done if he could check DNA?

Maybe thses Natzi groups should check their membership. Kaira got kicked out because his DNA test wasn’t good. It doesnt take much to understand how stupid and insane it will be a racist.

thinkbefore many years ago

Thank you for this quick summary with arguments against racial profiling. To be sure, but because kschag stated, it is unclear the way you define racial profiling exactly. I attempt to indicate certain ambiguities within the definition inside a hub I have just /politics/Racial-profiling-Som.

kschang many years ago from Bay Area, CA, USA

Interesting listing of 7 reasons, most of which are obtained from the Amnesty Worldwide website almost verbatim.

Also does not define racial profiling, and evaluate WHY it’s bad.

Sorry, thumbs lower.

SOBF many years ago from New You are able to, NY

Excellent hub! Nothing speaks the reality louder than real existence.

fen lander 8 years back from Whitstable

That introduced tears into my eyes- thankfully they did not all turn a deaf ear along with a blind eye. My home is England where I really hope this sort of factor would not happen- we obtain our share of racially-motivated murders though, and so i dare express it does. A test of comparable kind will be a wise decision possibly?

I understand a bloke having a camera.

Hack Retis 8 years back

The recording is atrocious, and i believe we all can agree the only real profile we have to judge yourself on is the MySpace one.

LondonGirl 8 years back from London

I believe a cautious utilization of racial profiling, inter alia, could be helpful.

AuthorAsherKade 8 years back from Texas

well stated!!!!!!!!!!!!

someonewhoknows 8 years back from south and west of canada,north of ohio

I can not agree more,however generate income view it a lot of what is happening,the 911,and lots of other race related war’s in addition to political and non secular profiling,like the murdering from the brabch davidians in waco texas,and also the internment from the japanese during world war two,and also the hazing of “legal” immigrants throughout the massive immigration within the latter 1 / 2 of the twenith century,along with the American Indians and finally black slaves since lengthy prior to the founding from the usa.Things just have to change once the kids of individuals involved are trained to respect one another as people rather to be trained to pre-judge someone according to race or creed.Fear begets fear and love begets love.